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Team History - established 1986

30 Years And Still Slinging Paint!

Our team was formed in 1986 to play in the first Skirmish-Pocono 15-man tournament. We were called 'The Big Red One' and in our third year decided that the name 'Lightning Force' better fit the image that we wished to convey. Since then we have evolved many times over. In the 90’s we were a club with about 40 members. We would play every other Sunday on private property. While this was fun we also had a few members that liked to always play in tournaments. These players enjoyed attending events at Skirmish and the IAO at Three Rivers Paintball. In 1990 we were sponsored by Cooper-T Products and fielded a 5-man team under the name called the Cooper-Team. We played in tournaments in Ohio, New York and Canada. In the mid 90’s we were sponsored by Sheridan Paintball and National Paintball Supply, but once the 90’s started to come to a close a lot of our players stop playing because of family obligations or they were starting to feel their age. The team's numbers fell to about a handful. This small close knit group still enjoyed going to local fields to play and attending what ever big and scenario games we could afford to go to. While we always attended big and scenario games under the Lightning Force name we also joined with another team called Unforgiven so we could attend 5 and 7 man speedball, sup-air, and hyperball tournaments. Now in the new millennium we have evolved into a scenario and big game only team. We go to as many events as our schedules allow which is usually 5 - 8 events a year. Currently we are sponsored by Valken Paintball, GRC Paintball, and Tater’s Wilderness Paintball. Our membership has jumped back up to over 30 players and growing. We have seen many changes in the years we have been playing paintball. Also, we have met a lot of interesting players along the way some of which have become great friends. Paintball is an incredibly fun team building sport that has helped give us enjoyment and comradely we would have difficulty finding in many other sports. We would like to thank those that have helped paintball grow and become such a great sport. Hopefully, we will still be playing for many years to come. We are always on the lookout for new players and sponsors. If you are looking for a group of guys that like to have fun and enjoy the sport drop us a line and we will be in touch with you. E-mail Thank you and we will see you in our sights.

Team Motto: Don't follow RICK!

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April 22rd
GRC Paintball, Angelica, NY, USA
Produced by: Buffalo Paintball Club